Shooting on the Morris RangeThe Morris Range is our County Range and the facilities are run for the benefit of all our affiliated clubs and individual members. It enjoys a sheltered position just south of Wendover with easy access by car.The main 50 metre / 50 yard and 100 yard ranges are surrounded by trees that provide shelter from most winds and make it one of the more attractive ranges to shoot on. The range was opened around 1953, after a protracted planning and building process


 Recent Events - Bucks Summer Meeting 2014

On a fine, sunny Sunday Neil Day was the winner by 5 points from Jim Duguid in Class A.

Andrew Burgess won Class B on his first visit to Wendover and Peter Robinson won C Class.

Neil Day, Class A winner and Peter Robinson, Class C winner receiving their prizes from County Chairman Angus Williamson.

Despite a low entry, due to holidays and regulars working or spectating at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, it was a good competition with the weather staying sunny and warm all day.


Use of The Morris Ranges, Wendover

The Morris Ranges are County Ranges and are for use by members of clubs affiliated to the Bucks County Rifle Association or individual members of the Bucks County Rifle Association.

Individual Annual Membership is available if you are a member of an out of County club not affiliated to BCRA.

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